Marquila Herrera

Philadelphia, PA

Marquila Herrera

Temple University, Fox School of Business
BBA Marketing



I'm Swimming With or Without Boobs: Post-Mastectomy Swimwear

We can’t even begin to tell you how excited we are to be able to present this to you all. It’s about time the world saw some swimsuits designed with breast cancer patients in mind, that are actually cute and work for a range of different ages, not just your granny’s. You already know that some of the ones out there right now are kinda meh. And we just couldn’t leave it like that anymore! We’re not going to settle with our bras, we’re not going to settle with our swimsuits, we’re not going to settle. Period. That’s it.
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Why Wear a Bra at All?

We all know what training bras are right? The little, flimsy bralettes worn by little girls who haven’t quite developed a bust yet. It’s considered a rite of passage for a girl to don the garment when her mother feels she’s going from “little girl” to “young lady.” She doesn't need a bra, but wears it anyway.
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Women Who Shaped Breast Cancer History

As Women's History Month comes to a close, it only seems appropriate to wrap up the month with a few of the women who impacted breast cancer history; the ones who inspired breast cancer patients in some way or another. These ladies made us look at our health and our bodies a little differently.
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Doing the Most with the Least

With a packed closet, missing jewelry, and virtually no time in the morning, the appeal of laziness is strong. So much excess on social media, email newsletters, and weekend holiday sales make dressing well honestly feel overwhelming at times. If you feel like you’re drowning in a sea of retail, Minimalism could feel like a breath of fresh air.
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The Anti-Aesthetics of Fashion

If you are a fan of fashion, be warned. The following contents may shock and disturb you. The fashion industry, and fashion as a whole, thrive on trends. Certain styles are repeated among individuals and become the norm. Trends can last a few months, or several years before they retire, but while those trends live, they appear to be law.
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The Lowdown on Reusable Period Products

In recent years, reusable alternatives to common feminine products have emerged on the market and are becoming favorites among the Gen-Yers who are highly committed to supporting ethical business practices and sustainability. Every year, approximately 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are thrown away, many of which end up in rivers and oceans.
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Six Cruelty-Free Beauty Brands to Try Now

For those who place special attention on the treatment of our furry companions, buying cruelty-free products is a must. While shopping for beauty products, you always check the labels for that familiar little bunny rabbit giving you the green light to buy. You might even look at blogs and online lists of companies that test on animals or the companies that do not test on animals, but their parent companies do.
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Live in Technicolor: Alternatives for Nude Makeup

Nude makeup shades have become incredibly popular this past year, with many women flocking to the stores and to their laptops, looking for their perfect beige and brown colors to complement their look. While it is admirable that women are embracing a more natural look, it all feels a bit plain. It almost seems that women have lost their sense of playfulness when it comes to their beauty regimens.
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Style Inspiration: Wednesday & Morticia Addams

When I was a little girl, I adored Wednesday from the Addams Family. Her attitude, her composure, her strange hobbies, and her personal style all fascinated me and made me want to look and act just like her. Others were more drawn in by matriarch Morticia Addams for her personal brand of creepy sensuality. This is for the girls who wanted to grow up in the Addams Family.
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Portrait of a Wearist: Sayoko Yamaguchi

Considering herself a “wearist” rather than a model, Sayoko was not simply a hanger to display the clothing, but an element of the artistic process in representing the clothing. She had respect for the craft that exceeded dressing well. Sayoko applied her love for the art of fashion to other platforms of expression.
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Designer Spotlight: The Sisters of Sretsis

Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand, sisters Pim, Matina and Kly Sukhahuta would play dress up as small children with one as the model, one as photographer, and the other as designer. They would eventually move to the New York where Pim studied fashion design, later starting her business in their shared apartment.
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Fashion Style: Rude Boys Funk Things Up

The term Rude Boy dates back to the 1960s ‒‒ pre-Rihanna ‒‒ in the streets of Jamaica. At this time, Jamaica was facing overpopulation that led to housing, food, and employment shortages. Young men called ‘rude boys’ were hustlers and hoodlums, taking on illegal activities to substitute for the legal employment they could not find.
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Marquila Herrera

A Young Eccentric from Philadelphia, PA.

I studied Marketing at Temple University's Fox School of Business. I practice Digital Marketing in the arts or retail industries. I particularly enjoy copywriting in all its forms: ad, product, social media, website, etc.

Overall Career Goal: to work at the intersection of Art & Commerce, combining creative and analytical thought.



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